Thursday, 10 August 2017

Bring on the Adventurers

For a second go at AD&D 1e I got my players to roll up their characters.  As I had posted previously  I had rolled a character of my own to test the system and remind me of the mechanics.  However, I had forgotten how spread out character generation was between the two main books and all the other extraneous facts the players would need to know (eg weapons stats, character class and race limitations) which I found I had not committed to memory.  Referring to the OSRIC rule book helped sort out some of my confusion, not least the simplification of some of the over-complicated weapons rules in the original.

However, with a bit perseverance we ended up with a half-orc fighter, an elven magic user and a human druid who had purchased a pair of guard dogs as back up,  Where the characters are going to go, they will probably need that and more!

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