Thursday, 10 August 2017

Memoir 44 - Ste Mere-Eglise

You can tell I am on holiday as I am playing games! I managed to play the Ste Mere-Eglise scenario from Memoir 44 against my oldest.  Without giving a blow-by-blow account of the game itself, suffice to say it was a close run thing with both sides having a chance of victory but in the end my Germans were defeated by the US paratroopers.

I quite enjoyed the game it played pretty quickly and the use of the Command cards certainly gave pause for thought in both sides.  I can't say it is a military simulation but it is a diverting strategy game with a military theme. 

This was also my first game of Memoir 44 for the 6 by 6 Challenge.


  1. Memoir '44 is a great game. I agree, it isn't a simulation, but does offer a pleasant experience and is pretty easy to teach new players.

    1. Yes I rather enjoyed it even if I did lose! I'm looking forward to the next game.