Monday, 9 January 2017

Four Against Darkness - The Challenge Continues

Well, after a week or so of getting back to normal after the Christmas celebrations (and going back to work) I have managed to get a second game of 4AD (and the second game of the 6 x 6 Challenge).  This time my trusted band of Albanac the Warrior, Uthacar the Dwarf and Zandemar the Wizard were joined by Flandrian the Cleric on another journey of exploration into the darkness under the Skeldigaw Mountains.

And this is what happened:

This time the game lasted longer and took a slightly different course.  First there were many more corridors than rooms, which had a slight effect on the number of encounters (there is a greater chance of meeting something in a room than in a corridor).  The party came across fewer monsters at first but more features.  First a blessed temple gave Albanac a limited extra power over undead creatures (used subsequently in an encounter with 2 zombies).  Then the party came across a statue, which, when touched, animated into a Boss monster which was surprisingly hard to defeat.  After a couple more encounters with some wandering parties of goblins, the party came across a small dragon in its lair. 

After close run battle the dragon was defeated and its treasure gathered the party opened to door - to find another dragon and this one was the Final Boss with added combat power.  After an even more epic battle this second dragon was also defeated.  All that was left was for the treasure to be gathered and the party to retrace its steps.  This they did, bumping into a number of wandering monsters en route, the worst of which was the medusa which turned Zandemar to stone - fortunately Flandrian Blessed him to remove the curse of petirifcation. 

And that was that.  Albanac and Uthacar both levelled up during the adventure (they made their rolls) Zandemar did not (rolling 1 twice).  Flandrian did not get the chance this time around.  Next time I plan to use one of the adventures produced by Ganesha Games to see how this might vary the game play.