Saturday, 31 December 2016

Six by Six Challenge - The Games Part 2

The challenge within the Challenge is what not to play! There are plenty of games and miniatures that have been acquired over many years all deserving of a chance of a little time in the limelight. But I must be firm!

So the criteria I will set for the game selection are:

  • They must have high solo playability
  • They must be reasonably quick to play
  • They must have some route to the future, whether through further scenarios, campaign ideas or whatever

So with no further ado my remaining choices are as follows:

Game 4 - Four Against Darkness

Ganesha Games solo dungeon crawl looks intriguing and it seems to have gathered something of a cult following. It's a chance to go back to my ill-spent youth playing AD&D (and T&T before that) and it could be a great way to while a way a little of the flights to the US I've got coming up in the next couple of months.

Game 5 - One Hour Wargames

I was trying not to go down the obvious OHW route with a second Neil Thomas entry onto my list but this one does what it says on the tin and very much lines up with my criteria for my list. I might do this following the campaign suggestions in the book or else start at Scenario 1 and work my way up from there.

Game 6 - De Bellis Renationis

I had been tempted to play DBA v3 which has been sitting there staring at me balefully for months (I fear I have an over-vivid imagination) but with C16th and  C17th warfare being one of my particular favourites I really thought I ought to look at this. And I have been looking for 'the' set of rules for the period. I'm not sure the venerable DBR is quite it but I will give it a go, probably using the condensed scale if I can pick out the rules from the rest. DBR has been promised a makeover although from all sturm und drang of the DBA v3 update I'm not sure I am looking forward to it.

So there it is the complete list of games for the challenge. I think it will change as there were some other close contenders out there (A Song of Blades and Heroes springs to mind) while others will take my eye (Rogue Stars is on order for some sci fi skirmishing). But before that I must go find some gaming time!

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